Philippines: VISAYAS

Day 2: September 30, 2010 Thursday

Half-a-day flew by & we were still plastered on the bed with eyelids seemingly super glued together but by the time the clock hit about 1:30PM, we managed to get up. We had to… because we were bound for Bantayan town!

Just to justify why we passed up a sunrise in this beautiful island… the rains were pouring hard that morning, the light was bad for taking photos & yeah, we just got lazy.

We took an improvised tricycle all the way to the town of Bantayan which is about 8 kilometers northwest of Sta. Fe via the highway.

There are other modes of transportation {CLICK HERE TO VIEW BANTAYAN ISLAND: TRANSPORTATION!!!} you can choose from.

Belle: How far is Bantayan? I thought you said the island’s small enough to walk around in.

Jake: Go, try. I meant Sta. Fe, not the entire island.

About 15-20 mins. later, we arrived at the center of Bantayan Town, right where the public park was.

It was so tidy out there, comparable to the cleanest city in the Philippines — Puerto Princesa — which we last visited.

We immediately took pictures of the beautiful town church, St. Peter & Paul Church {CLICK HERE TO VIEW ST. PETER & PAUL CHURCH Information!!!}, sitting quietly right up front.

A mass was on while we were looking around. What a blessing! It is a common Filipino tradition & belief to make a wish once enter a church for the very first time, too.

When it rains good things, it pours.

Afterwards, we visited the public market & port situated just across the town park.

There we bought fish & other ingredients for dinner while scouting for dried fish to bring back as pasalubong. Bantayan Island is well known as a fishing community with these funky-smelling yet delicious fish as delicacy.

Take your pick from packed & ready to fresh from the market weighed in kilograms.

We took another tricycle ride back to Sta. Fe as dusk was approaching & as soon as we got back to our place, we began to set up for dinner. The caretaker was kind enough to do the grilling for us… just one of the perks of staying there.

Dinner was crazy awesome! Imagine eating on a secluded shore by candlelight, the waves crashing gracefully just a few feet away… so close, the thought gave you appendicitis. The night breeze was a perfect addition to island music blasting from our miniature portable speakers. All that for under P100! Some people pay too much for ambiance like that.

After dinner, we were on a hunt for an internet café as Jake had a work-related emergency. You’d think it impossible to find one out there but we stumbled into one just off the shore which required you to drop P5 coins in for the computer to function. Awesome is an understatement.

Traveler’s tip #4: No matter how hard you try to get away from work, be prepared for it to kick you in the nuts in the middle of a vacation.

An hour passed & everything went well so we treated ourselves to refreshing night swim at the beach. Helped with digestion too as dinner was all too heavy— again. The water was warm & perfect even though the strong winds made the waves bigger. Make the most out of your vacation is what they say. Besides, what’s a little drizzle and whitewash?

By midnight, we headed back to the home, cranked up some AC/DC then finally dozed off.

To be continued…


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