Philippines: VISAYAS

Day 3: October 1, 2010 Friday

The first day of a new month couldn’t have gotten any better than this!

Although our plans of basking in the sunrise was fouled by early morning rain once more, it didn’t spoil moods. Despite waking up at the wee hours of the morning (okay, we don’t know whether to call 7AM that), we just decided to stay in & prepare breakfast instead. Scrambled eggs & dried fish, anyone? Come to think of it, if we indeed decided to relocate there, we’d have edema to worry about.

By 9AM, the sun was out… sort of… & we decided to take one last dip in the glorious water.

The beach greeted us, or rather taunted us to stay much longer as we tried hard not to fall into its temptation. The tide was so low it made the pristine white shoreline wider than usual— the entire beach looked like one gigantic sandbar! What was typically waist deep water turned into a mere ankle high. Jake clicked his teeth at the notion of not having brought a skimboard.

That would’ve been the perfect place to bust some moves but I simply shrugged & rolled around in the sand.

Time to bust out the Lomo!

The objective for that morning was to finish up whatever was left on the roll of film inside the underwater camera.

Fun fact? The toy’s never been tried and tested. Ever. You could call it a baptism of sorts. The thought of having to develop the film later on was a pleasant addition to the good feelings of heading back home instead of sulking from having the vacation end.

Time was a big deal on that day. As much as it pained us, we finally decided to head back, pack up and leave.

A teeny weeny debate on shipping schedules raged on so we rode a trisikad in haste back to port to give it a rest.

Apparently, the nearest trip back to Cebu wasn’t ‘til 3:30PM. We arrived an hour & a half too early. Simply hanging out by the port waiting for the time was boring as hell so we headed to Sta. Fe Beach Club which was a short walk away & continued to have a grand time just chilling while taking last-minute pictures at the beachfront.

Traveler’s tip #5: If you’ve got a hobby, waiting no longer becomes synonymous with rotting. How zen.

Soon after that, the grumble in our stomachs was reason enough to visit their restaurant for a bite or two. After we got the menu, they informed us that they no longer served lunch but just had snacks available instead. We didn’t mind that at all… except for the stare-downs from whatever high pedestal they were standing from. Perhaps too much sun, sea, & sand fried their guest-relations capabilities? We kid. Just a heads up to folks working in the Hotel & Restaurant business: visitors appreciate a little sunshine on your faces… because we go on a vacation to feel good.

After an order of clubhouse sandwiches & bottomless lemonade, we settled by a nice spot on a beach lounge chair under the comforting shade of nipa roof.

To our surprise, we spotted the boat we were supposed to get on fast approaching the dock. All it took was a glance at the time to realize eating by the beachfront was out of the question.

We ran back to tell them the order had to go in doggy bags & stuffed as much bottomless lemonade in our stomachs as we could. Value for money, right? When all was set, we walked as fast as we could back to the port just in time for boarding.

We couldn’t afford taking the last trip at 5:00 PM— we were too concerned with the weather going bad & our wallets couldn’t handle another night there as much as we wanted it. Well, that was a mighty fine adrenaline rush.

The boat back to Cebu was smaller, tighter, with much more people than the one we took to Bantayan. At least we chose to stay in the non air-conditioned area again so there was enough open space & strong wind to avoid smelling everyone’s armpits.

The boat ride took roughly an hour & we finally arrived back at Hagnaya Port. It seemed like the same crowd instantly stuffed themselves back on the open buses bound for Cebu City. There was no rest for everyone’s buttcheeks.

The bus ride back was long, stuffy & extremely uncomfortable… very conducive for grabbing a whole lot of shut eye so as to avoid panicking from claustrophobia. We were all packed in tight… so tight that a seat made for 2 has miraculously accommodated at most 4 people. Wow. We expected such. It was a Friday after all & everyone wanted to go on home after a long week of work (or play).

The bad thing about traveling by bus so late in the day is that one can hardly appreciate the world outside. In addition, the thought of a speeding bus at night on a dark highway would normally send shivers up anyone’s spine.

We probably passed out because when we opened our eyes, we were close to Mandaue City. A short stop at a Lilo-an bakery was heaven sent for my mediocre bladder space.

If you are not familiar with the bus’ route in the city, its last stop would be at SM City Cebu. What can we say? The mall is the perfect cherry on top of a perfect out of town experience. The last thought on our minds? Air conditioning!


Hang in there for more of your visually & mentally epic breaks with Jake & Belle coming soon— only on WHERE THE?


2 thoughts on “BANTAYAN ISLAND, Cebu: Day 3

    1. Hello, Ekim! It’s great hearing from you! Thank you so very much for checking them out too 😀 Day 4 is still in the works but hopefully it’ll surface very soon! 😀

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