Philippines: VISAYAS

Day 2: October 28, 2010 Thursday

Only the glorious sunrise on a lonely island paradise could ever coax us to get out of bed at daybreak!

As soon as we stepped out the door armed with our handy-dandy cameras, we had to shield ourselves from the marvelously golden hue washed over everything we laid our eyes on.

If you’ve ever been subjected to the whims of trigger happiness, then we feel both your pain & extreme high.

Belle: OMG, check out the rays of the sun! *click* I am hypnotized by those caves. *click* Wait a minute… you look like a sexy Greek God right now… *click* (Jake: EWW.) The sand’s so silky! *click* Why is it moving beneath my feet?

Jake: You’re stepping on a whole tribe of hermit crabs hiding under there. Great migrations, yeah!

Belle: Mother—

Ghost of camera actuation: Muwahaha! I have your souls.

By 10AM, we scarfed down a nice breakfast thanks to Jake’s brilliant ability to open up some cans of tuna & a huge bag of Doritos he sneaked in. PIGS.

Again, it’s always a good thing to pack up some food… That’s our definition of traveling light… light on the pockets.

I personally don’t remember much after that as I seemed to have blacked out from MSG overdose = power nap.

Jake, on the other hand, spent the whole noontime shooting like a maniac on energy drinks outside… boys & their toys.

Even as the clock struck 2PM, the rains kept coming but we wanted to have a look around so we rented out a motorbike from a dude parked outside. It took a bit of bargaining, but he finally agreed to P150 for the entire duration of the day plus 2L of gas all in. You could probably get it cheaper if you practice scary hardcore haggling in your local bazaar.

Our loaded itinerary needed some serious attention… we needed checks off that thing, & fast! Don’t let the diminutive size of Camotes fool you as it is fully loaded with the gifts of nature… {CLICK HERE TO VIEW CAMOTES ISLAND: MUST SEE’S!!!} You wouldn’t know where to start.

Jake took the wheel… or rather handlebars… as we conquered the streets in high style— with the wind giving our faces a good slap-a-thon. He admitted he was still a bit rusty with a bike so we didn’t exactly go 150mph (make your momma proud!).

We failed to anticipate fast dissipating sunlight & just ended up visiting Mangodlong Rock Resort which was about 15 minutes away from Santiago Bay. Thank you, shorter days & longer nights. You suck.

Despite that though, we still had tons of fun exploring the laid-back place with its rock faces, cliffs & coral islet as droplets of rain made a pitter-patter overhead.

A million pictures later, we continued on our joyride while on the hunt for some phone credit, food & water.

As darkness threw down its blanket, our guards went up tenfold.

The streets skimped on streetlights… it was too quiet out there… we had no idea where we were headed except the general direction of North (in hopes of somehow reaching Lake Danao, no doubt)… A shot of an adrenaline + paranoia cocktail with reckless abandon on the side please!

Hunger made us turn back & prompted us to search for low-priced food along the beachfront. Score!

Traveler’s Tip #4: Local eateries there might sell rice on the cheap but viand could cost as much as your resort serves. Pick wisely. Ice is also a rare find.

After dinner, we dared a night swim under the moonlight taking comfort in the welcoming embrace of the rising tide. Mike, the solitary German biker dude subjected to our trivial speculations of being a hired hitman, even joined in as he shared stories of his many travels.


Mike: Man,  I love the Philippines! You have the most beautiful beaches, the best liquor & the most gorgeous Filipinas! Someday,  I’m settling in a volcano.

Jake: How are you going to do that?

Mike: By carrying my bike on my shoulders!

Us: ???


Besides that strange conversation overplaying the apparent complexities of language barriers, our night swim turned out to be quite an interesting one. We were left confounded by strange lights in the horizon which could just have been extremely bright fireflies against an eerily faint replica of a sunrise/sunset emanating a good distance from us.

Someone explain to us what the sun is doing lurking around at almost 12 midnight?

If we were on the mystic island of Siquijor that time, we would’ve instantly crapped in our pants. And to think… Halloween was just around the corner.

To be continued…


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