Belle, Stop Reading My Mind Again!


Yes people, Belle can actually read my mind! In fact, she knows every single thing in my mind (even right now). Maybe she knows I’ve been slacking off on my homebased job lately? Or maybe she knew I was drinking Tanduay Ice the entire Christmas Eve? Or maybe she knows that I’ve been craving for her homemade brownies lately? Hahaha Or maybe something that I really want to have for Christmas?

Isn’t that awesome or what? Or YES, a little bit scary, in some way. Hahaha


So here’s what I’ve been wanting to buy for myself this Yuletide Season! It’s a Security Travel Bag or something like a Travel Money Bag where you can put all your valuables in, like Passports, Credit Cards, ID’s, Pocket Money, and some important papers you might need while travelling.

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As always, I forgot to buy it. Maybe it got lost somewhere in my hopeless memory or it died together with my useless braincells! Thanks to my ever dearest, Belle. And again, you read my mind! Hahaha



Here’s what Belle gave me.

Cool huh? Well, literally, it says ” So Cool”! So you can’t deny the fact that it’s so cool! Hahaha

How about a closer look!

Not at the Tanduay Ice, come on! I meant the Bag!

Please don’t mind the empty bottle of coke or almost.

And NOPE, I didn’t finished the entire 1 L, it’s half way empty when I got it from the fridge.

Oh please believe me. It’s Christmas anyway. Hehehe

Here’s what’s inside.

Pretty cool huh? You can put lots and lots of stuff or you can even put your kittens there if you want.

No I’m just kidding.

You can put your dignity inside though, so it’ll be well kept, safe and sound. Hahaha

You really want to see how cool it is? Well here’s a very close look at the bag!

It’s just “SO COOL”! Oh I so love it!

After unwrapping Belle’s coolest and awesomest gift ever, I did a bit of soundtrip and had a DJENT overdose.

Oh Belle, you are just one awesome GF. Hahaha

I was so overdosed that I finished half a gal. of ice cream! Please don’t be so harsh on me, I’m not obese, just a little bit too healthy. I think. Hahaha

Fine, I do have a knack for Ice Cream, or anything Creamy! Dang it, I just can’t help myself. Hahaha



Later on that night I thought hey, maybe I can do an article about Music stuff and so I started writing.

Hence, the “Jake’s Top 25 DJENT Bands (So Far)” article!

Quite random right? Yeah, that’s my middle name! No, not really! Hahaha

Merry Christmas and a Happy, Great, Awesome New Year to you guys!

Better late than early right? Oh wait, I meant “Never”. Hahaha

Thank you, Belle for this awesome Christmas gift. I am now ready to roll again!

Next stop? You guys decide! Where do you think?

Comments below please!

Stick around for more and don’t forget..

“One love.. one trip at a time”


– Jake –


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