Jake’s Top 25 DJENT Bands (So Far)


Since it’s Christmas (December 25, 2010) I’d like to give you guys a hint of what I’ve been up to this past few weeks. I’ve been listening to a lot of “DJENT” materials lately. Wait, wait, wait! What is that “DJENT” thing? Well for those guys who still don’t have any idea about what “DJENT” means, my good ‘ol friends “Wikipedia” and “Urban Dictionary” will tell you what it means:

Urban Dictionary:

Djent is used to describe a certain kind of guitar tone characterized by medium-high gain, a quick-release noise gate to emphasize staccato playing, a cut of most bass below 200Hz for a tight low end, a slight boost around 800hz for clarity, and a noticeable boost around 1.6Khz to emphasize pick attack. When a two-octave power chord is palm-muted with this tone, a “djent” sound is created rather than the typical chunkier sound.

and my other friend,


Djent is a genre derived from math/progressive metal, and is characterised by a strong emphasis on groove and syncopation, extensive usage, and down-tuned guitars – often with 7 or even 8 strings.

The term “djent”, is an onomatopoetic word, which actually is the sound made to imitate the sound that comes from palm muted picking of low tuned distorted guitars, which is very common in this genre.

Okay, so I guess you guys have a clear view already of what I’m trying to say right? Cool, let’s start from there.

And ooohh..

You can let go of thier hands now (Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary) and stop shaking hands with them. Thank you! LOL

Anyways, without further adieu, here are MY TOP 25 DJENT BANDS as of December 25, 2010.

From Number 25 to my Number 1

Disclaimer: Any views or opinions presented in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the entire Music Industry. If there are any false informations about the band or the artist, please do correct me. Feel free to comment. This article will most likely liable to lower your I.Q.. (Kidding) LOL


Number 25


After The Burial is a progressive deathcore band from Minnesota, United States. After The Burial released their latest album “In Dreams” on November 23rd 2010 under Sumerian Records. Their first album entitled Forging a Future Self was released in 2006 under their own label, they would later be signed to Sumerian for the release of their second album entitled Rareform in 2008. In 2009, Sumerian released a re-recorded version of Rareform using live drums and their new vocalist: Anthony Notarmaso.


Number 24


Chimp Spanner is a solo instrumental progressive metal project created by multi instrumentalist and producer, Paul Antonio Ortiz. Combining low tuned tech metal and dark seedy fusion with warbly 80’s cheesy electro and feel-good euphoria, his latest CD ‘At the Dream’s Edge’ (Basick Records) brings all of this together to create a sound that’s new, yet familiar. Angular and jarring, yet ambient and evocative. It’s soundtrack metal, progressive retro-futurism, a polymetric space opera, music for hover-boarding championships…but most people just say it’s kinda ‘chimpy’.

Number 23


THE ALGORITHM is a one-man-band created in France in 2009 by Rémi Gallego. Oscillating between electronic, ambient, mathcore and progressive metal, he released his first demo called « The Doppler Effect » in December 2009, then a second one called « CRITICAL.ERROR » in July 2010.

Number 22


Fuelled by passion and a jaw dropping live experience Heart Of A Coward force open the boundaries and push the modern era of hardcore and metal to a refreshing climax resulting in what can only be described as a unique and excting raw power. After a year of sharing stages with some of the worlds heavyweights in the growing scene HOAC are here to stamp their mark square between your eyes and unleash a deep hard hitting sound like never before.


Number 21


Hydrodjent is what happens when you leave a man and his guitar to their devices. It helps when the man has a talent bordering on genius, and an obsession with creating music, bordering on insanity.

Hydrodjent is Keshav Dhar’s project, blending crushing metal riffs with time-bending polyrhythms, layers, layers and layers of intricate guitar lines and trip-inducing atmospherics. Did I mention the layers ?

Hydrodjent is, quite simply, the future of Indian metal.

Number 20


Tomasz Huczek’s or Deely’s music adventure has begun in 1996, when he started to learn how to play the piano. Since that time his musical taste have gone through different transformations as result of which he concentrated his attention on playing 8-string guitar. Before it was a participation in a band that hadn’t recorded any song and soon split. Inspired by his new instrument, new genres and all the modern progressive metal music, he composed his debut release “Ineave”.

Number 19


A band from Scotland with some tunes they’d like to share, currently searching for a vocalist but keen to put out some instrumentals until we find one/the right one.

Thier music is recorded with the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx and Superior Drummer 2.0 + Metal foundry using Cubase.


Number 18


Circles are a 5 piece progressive/experimental/metal band from Melbourne Australia. In early 2010 they released “Prelude” a 3 track E.P which is now available worldwide through their their online merch store. Amongst hitting the live scene and playing shows with some of Australia’s finest acts, they have been writing and recording for their debut album.

Number 17


VOLUMES are a collection of seven musicians coming from a wide array of musical backgrounds, ranging from jazz, classical, post-rock to rap and of course metal. VOLUMES eclectic tastes blend together to forge a creative bond between several types of genres that are worlds apart. The combination of their efforts results in fusions between intricate patterns, melodies, and progressive.. yet-not-to-be-overlooked-aggressive, straight to the point, metal. This particular blend of musical styles strives to find a balance between chaos and tranquility. Standing out in their genre is the fact that VOLUMES have two lead-vocalists who utilize their different ranges to create a layered, charismatic volatile sound which leave all listeners begging for more.

Number 16


They began their careers by touring non stop, booking their own tours and self producing their own material with a “Do It Yourself” attitude. The band soon caught the attention of Sumerian Records who attended a live show and were soon being handed their first full length album “All Things Set Aside.” Sumerian founder Ash Avildsen had this to say about the band, “Veil Of Maya’s work ethic and dedication not only speaks for itself, but so does their level of musicianship and songwriting. Very few bands can authentically mix elements of progressive metal, melodic death metal, thrash and hardcore brutality all while keeping the listener constantly interested. Veil Of Maya does this and that’s why they will have a career for years to come.”

Number 15


STRUCTURES is a five piece progressive/hardcore band hailing from Toronto, Ontario. Having formed in early 2009, the band released a five song EP titled ‘ALL OF THE ABOVE’. STRUCTURES is a group of five talented musicians who strive to create ground breaking, earth shattering technical, melodic hardcore-metal. Starting to turn a lot of heads in the Canadian scene and quickly spreading to the US; STRUCTURES will surely be one of the next breakout metal bands of the year.


Number 14


A Christian metalcore band known for a penchant for Iron Maiden and frenetic — to say the least — live shows, A Plea for Purging formed in Murfreesboro, TN, in 2005. With a work ethic that would impress even some of the most frequent road dogs (the band played upwards of 200 shows in its first year of existence), it didn’t take long for A Plea for Purging to land a record deal. Their first release as part of the Facedown Records family, A Critique of Mind and Thought, was released in 2007.

Number 13


They are an ethnically confused studio project based out of Washington DC.

HAUNTED SHORES is: Mark Holcomb – guitars/bass/Filipinos, Misha Mansoor- guitars/bass/programming, Vocals


Number 12


The Contortionists are a six piece honky-tonk death-metal fusion band aspiring to the title of ‘World Religious Domination Force’. Unfortunately, with their manifold ineptitudes and the great misfortune of not being a heart-stoppingly awesome gospel band, The Contortionists are spectacularly failing in their mission.

Number 11


Cloudkicker is the one man project from the artist B.M. Sharp, heavily influenced by and . Sharp utilizes drum machines and custom tuned guitars in his recordings. and influences are also obvious in his music. You can download the entire Cloudkicker discography free at his website here.

Number 10


Vildhjarta is a metal band from Sweden. Their musical genre as described by themselves is “ambidjent”. It has taken them a few years to go from something abstract into something concrete. However, their music is a mixture of the abstract and the concrete. The ambient and peaceful moments find a stark contrast in the more brutal and dark music that combined contribute to the comprehensive style of Vildhjarta.

Number 9


British experimental metal band from Milton Keynes. They possessed a technical, polyrhythmic style similar to bands such as Meshuggah and Sikth. The band also focussed on some melodic elements. They are considered important pioneers in the genres of experimental metal and progressive metal as they incorporated newer, more technical elements into their music.[citation needed] They released their debut album, The Hidden Words in 2008 which gained immediate popularity among metal fans. Touring with other British bands such as Enter Shikari and Exit Ten helped them to gain further popularity. In 2008, Fellsilent signed to US record label Sumerian Records.[1]

The band split up on 5 April 2010. The members are still active in different ways with Browne and Neema being members of Monuments and Acle in TesseracT.

Number 8


Since the formation of the band’s five-piece line-up in spring 2007, TesseracT have picked up richly deserved props from peers (Textures, Meshuggah) and press alike (Metal Hammer, Rock Sound, Scuzz). Following the release of their 2007 demo, TesseracT continue to cultivate a growing International fanbase, through well recieved UK and European tour dates and internet word of mouth. Their reputation of delivering jaw-dropping live performances has been furthered fuelled through appearances at Bloodstock, Hammerfest, Caos Emergente in portugal and the recent Hellfire 2 festival at the Birmingham NEC arena.


Number 7


Originally a side-project of John Browne (ex-Fellsilent) and Josh Travis (The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza), Monuments changed its line-up in 2010 to become an active live band, and is now fronted by Neema (ex-Fellsilent). Paul Ortiz (Chimp Spanner) has been playing guitar during their recent tours. It is regarded by some to be the spiritual successor to the now defunct Fellsilent.

Number 6


Circle of Contempt is a act from Pori, Finland.

Finland, a place in what is usually known as a hotbed of breeding grounds for legendary folk and acts, enter the progressive earth shattering, technical metal assault known as Circle of Contempt. Formed in 2006 originally under the moniker Thrust Moment; these Pori, Finland metalers; Riku Haavisto, Risto-Matti Toivonen, Markus Karhumäki and JP Kaukonen got together and combined their intense passion for powerful into one unstoppable unit. It wasn’t long before they started practicing many hours a day, six times a week in order to develop and perfect their unique, grandiose sound.


Number 5


Elitist is a five piece technical-melodic metal band from Los Angeles California. They have a goal of incorporating a high level of music theory and knowledge into a modern heavy progressive sound.

Number 4


SikTh formed in late 1999, but consolidated their line-up in March 2001. That line-up consisted of dual vocalists Mikee Goodman and Justin Hill, guitarists Dan Weller and Graham Pinney, bassist James Leach and drummer/percussionist Dan Foord.

Their first official release was an EP titled Let the Transmitting Begin. Released in 2002, it featured three tracks, as well as a limited edition live CD from the BBC Radio 1 recordings of the same songs.


Number 3


Periphery was formed by guitarist Misha Mansoor in 2005. He slowly gained a reputation on the Internet, primarily via a regularly-updated Soundclick account, Meshuggah and John Petrucci forums, and the sevenstring.org message boards. Before and during Periphery’s tenure in the metal scene, Mansoor developed a reputation for doing his own audio production, the majority of which was performed with a home computer and a Pod XT during this period.


Number 2


Animals as Leaders is an American Washington, D.C.–based instrumental progressive metal project by guitarist Tosin Abasi which now includes guitarist Javier Reyes and drummer Navene Koperweis. The self-titled debut album was released in April 2009 by Prosthetic Records.
























Meshuggah first attracted international attention with the 1995 release Destroy Erase Improve for its fusion of fast-tempo death metal, thrash metal and progressive metal with jazz fusion elements. Since its 2002 album Nothing, Meshuggah has used downtuned eight-string guitars. Meshuggah has become known for innovative musical style, complex, polymetered song structures and polyrhythms. They were labeled as one of the ten most important hard and heavy bands by Rolling Stone and as the most important band in metal by Alternative Press. Meshuggah has found little mainstream success as yet, but is a significant act in extreme underground music.






So there you go guys, those are my Top 25 DJENT Bands as of December 25, 2010.

By the way, sorry about the typos, I’m sure there are lots of them, but you’ve got to bare with me guys, it’s Christmas and I’m sure everyone’s got some bottle/can of beer in their fridge. Well let’s just toast to that, and to DJENT! Hahaha





If there are anything that you think might be the most awesomest band pic ever, don’t try to scribble or doodle WHERE THE? on your notbeook, and start telling all your friends we take awesome band pictures, I’m telling you, DON’T! IT’S NOT OURS!

But we’re into Photography too, I can talk about all my frustrations if you want!

It would take us probably 3 Lifetimes! (Kidding) LOL


You can check out more stuff about DJENT from these sources:







and the source of all sources my good friend



See you guys around!

More travel articles coming very soon on WHERE THE?..

“one love”… one trip at a time.





18 thoughts on “Jake’s Top 25 DJENT Bands (So Far)

    1. Hydrodjent (Skyharbor) is on the list, and so are Periphery, Tesseract, AAL, Volumes, Elitist, VOM and Monuments. And of course Meshuggah is first.This is a Very respectable list!

  1. “Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn’t learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn’t learn a little, at least we didn’t get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn’t die; so, let us all be thankful. “

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