The Gift: Oh You Know Me So Well, Jake!


That’s what I yelled out when I finally got to open the Christmas present Jake gave me. FINALLY. December 25, 2010 FTW! It took too much work to keep distracting myself from tearing it open like a shiznit.

Christmas is the season of giving & when it came to that, Jake was no Mr. Scrooge. I’m not just talking about material things… but also of kindness, happiness & everything else in between.

This entry is of the former though.



So, what do you think this is?


A big cheesy stuffed toy? A sack of rice? …mmm..

Doc Marten’s steel toe knee-high boots?


Belle: Maybe if i rolled around with it I might get an idea.


Obviously, THAT didn’t work.

After about 10 mins. of speculating and enduring self-imposed mental torture, I eventually got started. If the packaging weren’t so pretty, I would’ve shredded that thing fast! For the past few weeks, Jake hinted over & over about how it took ages to wrap it.

Jake: It looks like a dude wrapped it!

Well, Jake, if you’re not a dude then you must be a chick which you are not & which I am. Totally. Say what?


I enjoy the anticipation.


I enjoy the guessing games.


Tape is his secret.

There were layers & layers… & layers & layers & layers… & layers & layers…

& layers & layers… & layers & layers & layers & layers…

of it.


This is the face of ‘too much tape can kill you’.


Whoever came up with the idea that patience is a virtue knew tape alot.


No more tape. But layers… & layers… & layers & layers & layers… & layers… of newspaper now. Jake sure did have a way of keeping me on the edge of my seat. I wondered what he was hiding in there. Did he compensate for a key chain by putting it in an enormous box?

Belle: Maybe he did pack me a whole bunch of newspaper rolls just for kicks.


Motherboarder!— it’s a new backpack! *Muwahahahaha* I never would’ve figured it out. Not in a million-billion-trillion-gazillion years. When it came to guesstimation, my third eye was completely blind. The stuffed toy/keychain/paper mache poop idea was starting to grow on me the whole time.

April Fools’ Day didn’t come early after all! (& Jake wouldn’t have to get a shoebox full of used tissue paper.)


This must be a sign. Or a clue.

That next year will be a good year… For learning, exploration, discovery, & tons of fun.


Thank you for the gift! And for telling me in so little words how I’d still have someone to get in trouble with in a strange new place. Now I’m all set for our next adventure.

Oh you know me so well, Jake! MERRY CHRISTMAS!




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