FIRECRACKER ZONE, South Road Properties (SRP), Cebu City

Philippines: VISAYAS

December 29, 2010


SRP: The Hunt for Sparklers

Ever since Cebu City Mayor Mike Rama ordered the creation of a designated area where vendors can sell firecrackers, people scrambled to the South Reclamation area to purchase their share of those pretty things that light up on New Years’ Eve. Keeping in mind how valuable our limbs are (& that we had no money for imminent trips to the emergency room), Jake & I decided we’d just play around with sparklers & piccolos for the year-end celebration.

GAY? Tell that to our fingers which are still attached quite safe & soundly to our hands.

Speeding down the highway topped off with blaring fast-paced music, we drooled at the beautiful panoramic sunset which screamed, “Hey, look at me! I’m one gorgeous motherf—”

Belle: Hurry, hurry, hurry! We’re gonna run out of light!

Jake: *craps in pants*


Now, would you look at that. *supermegaepicdrool*

The deal that makes the SRP real easy on the eyes is that it is surprisingly clean, organized & well looked after. SRP police are equally very meticulous at maintaining peace & order in that part of the city. Thank you mucho!


This massive sign greeted us soon after. And by ‘fire cracker’ they don’t mean weed & peanut butter sandwiched in between carbohydrate-y goodness. You wish.


At first, Jake & I thought this was where people were allowed to light up some fireworks as well as purchase them. Wrong. You can just buy them here & blow them up in your face in the comfort of your own home. The stalls spaced evenly apart for safety purposes looked ethereal draped in soft yellow light. There was not much people there at that time though which is why most vendors complained of poor sales coupled with lacking provisions plus a really bad location.


Meet VolksMegan! (Herbie.) Many, many, many thanks to your undying loyalty  & for allowing us to test your patience by bringing us to the weirdest places imaginable.


-SRP bayside during sundown.-


-Jake peruses one of the 54 humble firecracker stalls in search of the perfect pack of sparklers. If there’s such a thing.-

The choices were mind boggling! There were all sorts of fireworks… all types, colors, shapes & sizes were at our disposal. We were tempted to grab one of each if only our budgets & guts allowed it. Upon talking to the vendors there, we found out that these were manufactured in China & Binondo, Manila. One would typically find hundreds, if not thousands, of these littered everywhere in the city (especially in Colon St.) if not for the newly enacted city ordinance which prohibited them from selling outside the Cebu City Firecracker Zone. Prices ranged from P5 to a whopping P40,000 per box. HOLY CRAP. Oh well, ushering in the new year is pretty much worth it… if you’ve got surplus funds to burn.

– Ignore this sign & die. No. Seriously. –

– Yipeedoodadey! The perfect pack of sparklers at half the price! Don’t ask. –

After a while of searching, we finally decided to purchase a whole bunch of those things we’ve been dying to get our hands on. It took a huge amount of effort not ripping out the packaging & lighting them up right on the spot.


– The city firetruck on standby for potential idiots like us. –


– The neat row of stores that stretch on as far as the eye can see. –


Darkness fell slowly as we strolled down the bayside curious about out what else lay ahead. The stores looked like whimsical toys from a distance. It was a good thing the government shared some electricity for these guys as the place would’ve turned into some creepy desolate Zombieland film set.


– Sold out? Or late for business? –

– Higher end pyrotechnics on display a few more meters ahead. –

On New Year’s Eve, we took the time to visit this place again just to spy on how things were going for these guys. Happy to say, alot of people took to last minute firework shopping & most stalls have already been cleaned out. Business had been good after all!


-FIN! (And a jolly 2011 to all!!!)

A snack made with crackers, peanut butter, and marijuana.

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