December 27, 2010

RIVERSTONE CASTLE: A Taste Of The Medieval


A side trip to RIVERSTONE CASTLE in Jomgao, Argao was the rainbow sprinkle on top of the chocolate syrup on top of the cherry on top of the whipped cream of the ice cream sundae that was our trip.

– They’ve got all sorts of antiquated knick knacks such as these helmets littered all around. Kleptomaniacs, beware! You won’t be able to stop your idle hands & eyes. –


Just because! this place! deserves a separate entry!

– This is the fortress’s back gate just in case you’d need a parking space. –


An entrance fee of P40/adult or P20/child gives you all out access to the authentic castle founded just last 2002. Cleverly designed by a Belgian national, the stronghold boasts real river stone walls as well as various facilities a resort has to offer.

– A camouflaged star amongst the rocks… We wondered if the guy who built this was a mason.  It’s rather pretty. –


You could simply explore the place just like we did or take a dip in the pool for P60/head but if you’d like an over night stay, they’ve got rooms to choose from.

Double (2 pax)         : P1,200

Family (4 pax)          : P2,000

Royal (8-10 pax)      : P3,500


At first glance, one might feel like they’re somewhere in a country of princesses, royal crusades & knights in shining armor.

– O, my king, where art thou dude! –


Pressed by lack of time, we rushed in & out of the many crevices of the place.


A rundown of what we came across:

Up front there is a draw bridge protected by guards in shields & real crocodiles in a moat;

– Would your skin bid goodbye to your bones if these guards came to life all of a sudden? –



step inside & be greeted by numerous dark nooks, crannies,

– Extremely old school Emo Chick = Rapunzel, let down your hair! –


& winding stairways made of stone;


wine cellars, banquet halls, stone chimneys & wishing wells abound…

– Why do people always assume throwing a coin in the well (Uhm, in this case – FOUNTAIN) would make their wishes come true? Haven’t they ever thought about picking a coin FROM the well? –

– Secret Garden FTW! –


– This is the bar where King Arthur met Lady Guinivere & tried to make awkward conversation. Tons of ‘Merlin Cocktail Mix’ was consumed that fateful night. –


– I’m sure Santa had a hard time falling down THIS chimney. –


– Mmm… wine cellar goodness. –

– The reason why the Knights made a bigger round table. –

– They stood you up on dates back then too. –


they even have a nice mini-zoo/courtyard where one can drown himself in the company of rabbits, birds & monkeys. It’s definitely worth a visit!

– Meet Lady Amanda. She is waiting for that kiss from her Prince Charming. Decades late. –


Despite not really being able to immerse ourselves in the rich culture of old-world Argao, that has been one stimulating trip! Perhaps we’ll find ourselves wandering around there again soon just to finish where we left off. I really want to see the Balay sa Agta cave. Really… I do. And maybe shake hands with one.



16 thoughts on “RIVERSTONE CASTLE: Argao, Cebu

    1. Hi, Christina! Glad you dropped by! Well there are tons and tons of awesome places down South. What are you into? Cultural visits? Or are you more of a beach bunny? Do you like extreme outdoor activities or hiking? Or are a chillin’ nature lover?

      1. Actually I’m planning to take the bus just for the heck of it. I haven’t been to public buses ever. So I’m looking for a destination, like this castle (cultural visit) 🙂 it’s just a one-day trip.

        Outdoors is really interesting, if only I have the resources!! Does it have to be an overnight activity? I’d love to do it someday. But I still have to find someone to go with. You know, a guide, since I don’t know anyone. But I’m keeping myself posted on open invites in forums and blogs. (okay i think i’m off topic now).

      2. Ohh! Cultural Visits are always worth it! If you don’t mind us asking, Christina, where are you based from? Are you from Cebu? The Cebu city government offers cultural trips by bus every year. If you don’t mind a nice mainstream roadtrip you could check it out! But if you like doing things at your own time… well, let’s see…

        South Cebu is loaded with the most beautiful heritage churches… from San Fernando, Boljoon, Argao, Sibonga, all the way to Oslob. Since it’s Lenten season and Holy Week is fast approaching, visita iglesia would be purfecto!

        Start off at Carcar where you can explore colonial period structures, try out their delicacies (i.e. bucarillo, chicharon, etc.) and drop by the numerous shoe factories out there. We might be posting an overview of places to visit for a roadtrip so keep an eye out for that 😉

    1. Hi pinay! Well Argao’s at the southern part of the cebu province.. About 70kms from cebu city at most. We got there 1 hr & 30 mins by car. We hope you enjoy your stay in Cebu! There are a couple of places we could recommend that’s worth a visit. 🙂 Hopefully the weather will get better.

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