Sinulog 2011, Pit Senyor! Where The booth?

Philippines: VISAYAS, RANDOM

All set and ready for SINULOG 2011? We’ll be having our little WHERE THE? booth at General Maxilom Ave. right across STC (St. Theresa’s College). You guys can swing by and maybe we can have a bit of chitchat. We’ll be there starting January 16, Sunday 6am until hmmm (who knows when) lol. All are welcome!

Here’s a guide map to our booth, I hope this works for you!

As we all know SINULOG is just around the corner, I can actually smell it from where I am right now. Oh wait, I think that’s just our nieghbor, cooking some popcorn. Hehe Anyway, because Sinulog has been considered one of the biggest (if I may say so) event in the Philippines, corwds from all over the country or even the world gather around like pigeons in an old church waiting for a piece of bread or something to eat. I assume you’re prepared for head-bumping, elbow-throwing and sweat-dripping peeps you’ll encounter during this event! I can only imagine 500,000 people, cramped in a 10 square ft. room with no exhaust! But believe me once you’ve gone through these things and all, you’ll be craving for more. The excitement, the fun, the adventure, and the wonderful people you’ll meet, those are the things that matter. Priceless. Welcome to SINULOG  Cebu!

Way back in 2008. I joined the Sinulog Photocontest in hopes that at least one judge amongst all those that try to criticize our photos would find mine interesting. Well I guess all of us who joined thought the same way too, right? In fact, the contestants made their photo entires so interesting that they somehow seemed manipulated (i.e. color corrected). Maybe it’s just me, but as I reviewed the rules & regulations of the contest I came across one such rule against such a thing:

“Rule #4. Any digital manipulation tool (e.g. cut & paste, healing, etc.) that is not applicable / do able in the printing process from an analog media (film), shall mean immediate disqualification of the entry. Post production like exposure control (dodge and burn); Color saturation (control); creative cropping are all do able when you print from a negative. Even conversion to black and white color toning (sepia, blue, selenium, etc.) as long as its done across the frame and not only ins selected areas is acceptable.”

I don’t want to drop names or even show sample images for I do not own them myself and we do have to follow legalities on copyright infringment to post them online.

One can tell if a photo is obviously manipulated & had gone through post-production even just by looking at it through “amateur” eyes. Just like me for example. I’m definitely a neophyte but I must admit, some of those entries have been magically transformed by digital manipulation software. Just a point, it’s not fair for those who aren’t seasoned yet, seasoned enough to do post-processing as well. This is an acquired skill as a matter of fact. The people who started the Sinulog Photocontest must have already considered this issue.

Please do tell me if I didn’t understand the rules and regulations clearly.

Well for this year I am hopeful that all who are joining the 2011 Sinulog Photocontest will be judged fairly & properly. That the new ones will be given a chance to shine.

Forget photo manipulation no matter how subtle. The whole point is to capture the essence of Sinulog with just the skill of your eye. I salute all the Cebuano photographers — both professional & amateur. You make our province proud! Goodluck to all who are trying their luck for this coming Sinulog 2011.

Pit Senyor!

Here are some of my old photo entries (Sinulog 2008):


I admit these are some crappy entries. lol

For more information about Sinulog 2011, you can visit thier official website

You can also visit this link for Sinulog Routes and Schedules: CLICK HERE


See you guys around and please do drop by our booth! Hoping to see you guys soon.

Thank you and One love.. One trip at a time..

Pit Senyor!


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