JOED’S LUTONG HAPON: Mabolo, Cebu City


A Carenderia With A Nipponggo Twist!

We love food like it’s nobody’s business… no wait… ADORE… OBSESSED WITH… CUH-RAZY about food… and when friends began spreading the word about this “awesome new hole in the wall dining experience involving mind-blowingly inexpensive Japanese food” we salivated for an entire month.

Why didn’t we just head on over there in the first place? Well… either the people couldn’t remember the name of the place or they couldn’t give proper directions. They merely teased us. Psh… tease.

Katsudon for P65.00! Ramen is practically the most expensive on their menu (P200+) and it can feed about 3 people!

Be on the Juan Luna Avenue. Go straight 2 corners from the SHELL Gasoline Station in Mabolo if you’re heading towards the direction of the Mabolo Church. When you see a chapel with a basketball court beside it, go inside the alleyway and when you see a small carenderia with blue lights— JACKPOT! It’s better if you walk towards it as parking space is hard to find.

If you’re conscious about value for money then this is the spot for you! Their food is so good for the amount you’re paying that people wait around for them to open in the morning and even go back after a nightcap.

Why do they serve dishes cheaper than usual? Even though ingredients used are still fresh and of high quality, they’ve cut down costing from location and man power.


A Japanese-style carenderia, the first of it’s kind (if not the only one) here in Cebu City. Maybe you can call it FAST FOOD FTW. It is owned and managed hands-on by the Filipino couple Joan and Edgar and has apparently been open for quite a while now before reaching good success usually through “word-of-mouth” advertising. Suck it (insert random Jap restaurant here) !!!

They’re very accommodating too and even if they do get extremely busy you can tell they just adore what they are doing.

The place is well-maintained, not that large, cozy, clean and very homey. True enough, the space is actually Joan and Edgar’s own home. Even when you need to use the loo, you need to get INSIDE their house.

Belle: MAN. There’s too much to choose from! They’re so cheap! I’m soooo hungry!

Jake: Have one of each then.

Belle: Kore wa oishii desu!!!

Anyway, I guess the the pictures will suffice. I can’t type over all the drool on my keyboard.

Traveler’s Tip #1: P200 will get you a great meal! So bring your friends, a ginormous appetite, and lots of stomach room for a superb time at Joed’s!

Open the entire week… Mon-Sat: 12NN-2AM and Sun: 6pm-2AM. For reservations and inquiries you can try calling (032) 412-8343.

FIN! And Itadakimasu!


19 thoughts on “JOED’S LUTONG HAPON: Mabolo, Cebu City

      1. exactly! hahahahaha! actually i don’t know the place ……… just now i mean until ive read abt it.

  1. wow okay this is great! just a few walks from my grandmas house! I cant wait to try it out and be one of the many bloggers who blogged about joeds :]] yay!

    1. Hi, Missy! Thank you so much for dropping by! Yeah, JOED’s is truly a goldmine. You live nearby? We’re jealous! We’d love it if we were a mere walking distance away from all that delish Jap foodies. Nom nom nom nom

    1. Yeah! Someone should’ve blogged bout this place when it first opened up! I wonder if Joan and Edgar ever thought about how famous their joint would become. πŸ™‚
      And you’re welcome! Try going back again and again and finish up the menu. We’d love to hear your dining suggestions too, fetus!

    1. Jackie! That was our dilemma at first too. When we finally found the place after hunting it down for quite awhile, the place was still closed for Christmas. Bummer. But now that we’ve popped open the can, we can’t stop ourselves from going back again and again.

      I’ll take you there one of these days when you’re free. πŸ˜€

  2. yes! finally an article on joed’s!:D my cousin brought me there last december, and i’ve been a fan of theirs ever since. all the people i’ve invited to eat there first had their doubts, but once they tasted the food it blew their minds. the only downside is if they’re super busy, your food takes uber long to serve:( but then again it’s worth the wait. you should try their kimchi pork teriyaki, it’s super yummy:D

    btw, great blog! very informative and fun. keep up the good work!:D

    1. Hi, Chinita!! Well that makes all of us! FANS for life. πŸ˜€
      It did sound a bit suspicious when people said “JAP FOOD under P100″… it makes you think of a whole bunch of things. Then again, we can’t really put assumptions in before we try it out… and we are ecstatic that we did!

      Thank you for the suggestion… we will definitely try out the Kimchi pork teriyaki on our next visit there! And thank you for taking the time to check out the blog! It’s our pleasure to give you guys the best we can. πŸ™‚ Hoping to hear more from you soon!

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