K.RIBS: Banawa, Cebu City


One hungry night, Jake and I decided to hunt for a carnivorous treat… some meaty goodness. Suddenly, *ploop* a lightbulb! RIBS. But then we wanted to avoid over crowded go-to places such as those in malls or uptown business districts. So, where exactly should we go?

We drove to Banawa to look for one particular late night joint as we usually just catch glimpses of it whenever we drive through that side of town. You get those moments right? “I’ll try to eat there one of these days.” but it usually never happens.

Ribs. Their specialty dish.

Then… there it was. A small road side restaurant… al fresco dining for the win! Parking is a huge mind-boggler though since it’s practically punched in by the side of a building by the side of the main road. Once you get past that though, it’s smooth sailing from there.

With a cozy seating capacity of about 20 people, they have the air of an unpretentious and thoroughly homely barbecue place. It is also quite clean and well-maintained (I almost always base this from an establishment’s toilet condition).

K.ribs serves affordable, sinfully delish meaty treats such as ribs, lechon kawali, krispy pata, pork sisig and pork belly amongst others. Wash it down with a tower of beer too. Or some bottomless iced tea if that’s your thing. Yum!

It’s not exactly up to par with other more well-known establishments, but for the price, promptness of service and good food portions… it’s a pretty decent place.

Jake: Oh oh oh! We should get their garlicky mushrooms too!

Belle: Mushroom sisig?

It was a cholesterol-driven night, but what the hey! Fun greasy times can be the bomb. Hence, the lack of pictures.

K.Ribs @ Banawa, Cebu City… near South Hills International School. Open from Mon-Sat… Mon-Thurs: 11:00am-2:00pm and 5:00-10:00pm. Fri-Sat: 11:00am-2:00pm and 5:00pm-12mn. Tel. No.: 479 9235

Look at the smile on that face.



6 thoughts on “K.RIBS: Banawa, Cebu City

  1. ya barato rajud (mga P130??). for some1 living in the south, been there 2x pa. the kinupusan also is yummy pod… we usually go to the deebeedee store beside KR after eating… cheers!

    1. Hahahhaah hey, Cantdans! Yeah it’s a pretty good place to “tambay”. Will definitely try the kinapusan if and when we do decide to drop by again. And deebeedee is also a plus plus plus muwahahahaha

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