That kid in you will undoubtedly break into cheerful spirits if you find yourself on a long and potentially dreary road trip going South-West of the Cebu province because the Molave Milk Station in Barili is patiently waiting to lure you in with its dairy magic. (Sentence construction WIN.)

The stopover has always been an enigma for our road trips down south and only recently did we take the time out to actually drop by. Situated conveniently by the shady side of the road, it has become a favorite for travelers who need to stretch their legs while gobbling down a frozen treat.Follow the western coastline of southern Cebu ‘til you get to Barili (past the Mantalongon Public Market) then keep your eyes peeled for unusual yellow street signs such as chickens, cows, or horses aptly named “Rampadora, Fashionista, etc etc”. You’re fast approaching the Molave Wood Farms and Stables.

The stables run downwards. Go forward just a bit more on the road and you’ll spot it. Up front is a small, but welcoming al fresco dining area with a large sign… Molave Milk Station. One needs to schedule a private tour to be able to check out the stables, but the milk station is completely open to the general public so that’s a yey for everyone!

Our eyes sparkled when we caught sight of the words FRESH and MILK. From both cows and carabaos. What comes with that? ICE CREAM. YOGURT. CHEESE (kiseo)… pizza? Yep… along with common food such as barbecue, ngohiong, siopao, siomai, meatballs and puso. Dinuguan? Check. Sinugbang atay? They’ve got it. Heck, they even serve fried native chicken just in case you’re really up for a meal instead of dropping by for some sweeties. Note: This delectable kind of poultry is actually a local specialty in Barili and its neighboring towns.

Viands were meh. Plain and ordinary but quite pricey. We recommend you buy the dairy products instead! That’s their specialty anyway.

They serve fresh ice cream in small cups or cones for P15 and they come in full fun flavors too! Vanilla, strawberry, ube, mango, chocolate… we heard they sold them in buko pandan back then too. It depends, really.


Milk Station’s yogurt is by far the best yogurt we’ve ever tasted. Hands down! True blue, clean, crisp unadulterated yogurt if there is such a thing. P30/medium sized cup.

Personally, I can’t say the same about the “fresh” cow’s milk I chose to order though. Just a tip… if you think it smells funny, or tastes different from what you expect… despite the fact you’ve never tasted actual milk fresh from a cow’s mammaries, always ask if it’s really “fresh” even if you end up seeming like an ignorant city girl. Or else suffer, sister, suffer. D’oh! P25 is not a good price for world war 5000 in your stomach. Maybe I have a delayed case of lactose intolerance? I will never know.


Belle: Do you sell the ice cream in gallons or the fresh milk in liters?

Vendor: No. Just these cups. The ice cream will just melt if you take it home with you anyway.

Jake: Hmm… must be a well guarded secret recipe or something.


Nevertheless, it was a mighty fine milksperience! Think of it as an open-air food trip by the side of an otherwise secluded highway while watching farm animals freely grazing in an open field just downhill as you’re sampling a wide variety of fresh dairy products while you’re taking in the stunning greenery cast by multitudes of molave trees… Welcome to cool Barili.



9 thoughts on “MOLAVE MILK STATION: Barili, Cebu

    1. Yey! High five! We kinda sorta didn’t get the chance since we weren’t too sure about it. Mum was sorely disappointed I didn’t bring some home though. – Belle

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