One Last Entry


June 29,2011

Cebu City

Oh boy. We owe so much to you, dear reader, that we are beyond ourselves and happy to announce that…

Where The? Travelogue ( has relocated to a cozy new home:! So hang on to your knickers, dust off those hiking boots, and let your imagination loose — it’s crunch time again!


So, what’s new?

Jake: Uh. The domain! A faster website!

Belle: And—

Where The? Travel Radio is finally alive & kicking some epic epic-ness. The playlist features an eclectic mix of music— from nostalgic all the way down to the contemporary— which invokes images of wanderlust. Besides regular programming, Where The? Travel Radio is cooking up a bunch of shows just for you so hang tight for updates on that one!

Clementine Accessories, Belle’s collection of modern Bohemian and Gypsy-inspired handcrafted pieces to aid in their passion of jumping from place to place! Each piece is uniquely designed and made on a precise moment in time. Just. For. The. Whimsical. You.  (Still under renovation, but there’s the sneak preview.)

Chatbox. Yesiree! Talk your heart out.

All other features will be coming very soon as we are still very busy at the moment. Good news is…. well, there it is! We hope you could pack your bags with us after this last entry and meet us there at!

Most Sincerely,

Jake & Belle

P.S. Yes, even in the worldwide web we do get nomadic.


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