Public Appeal-ogy

Jake: Put down those chocolate bars.

Belle: But I have nothing else to do!!

Jake: Start writing again.

Belle: Is the old blog still alive?

Jake: It will be.

Howdydoodies, friends!

Like what the title says, we are not six feet under even if our blog stat in says we’re still comatose. We’re neck deep in backlogs from all the recent travels we did and suffocating from all the pure awesomeness we have yet to share to you so it means tons to us how you’ve all just been sitting back and waiting for the actual resurrection of WHERE THE? Travelogue.

Hacker, if you’re reading this right now, (insert expletive here) you. You have yet to master the art of bogging down WordPress’ system and because of that we’re coming back leaner, meaner (oh, you know it) and geekier than ever! Jake and Belle are back in business… temporarily seeking solace in this old blog account.

While we’re working on our next entry, feast your eyes on this:


Donations are welcome. *We’reJustKiddingButIfYou’reSeriouslyConsideringItThat’dBeSuperCoolOfYouWeWillKissTheGroundYouWalkOn*


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