New Philippines Tourism Logo Unveiled


Yep, you heard it on the news. After (give or take) 9 years of using the same promotional brand ‘WOW PHILIPPINES‘, the PhilippinesDepartment of Tourism has finally come up with the latest F.A.C.E. of our darling country. *Drumrolls and confetti*

Department of Tourism‘s International Campaign Slogan

Department of Tourism’s National Campaign Slogan



The brainchild of Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez and his troops features a colorful pixelated map of the Philippines which at first glance draws up memories of Family Computer and Super Mario Brothers. Our bad. Apparently, it is our 7,107 islands interlaced into a banig (handwoven mat) screaming out FUN! FUN! FUN!

Since we had to squint to make out the separate lines which constitute the archipelago, we’re going to try and dissect the logo. Just because. It’s fun.

*The ‘Philippine’ land is yellow because its natural resources make it as precious as gold. If not more.

*The different colors reverberate the melting pot of cultures that we are. It also shows how generally happy Filipinos are. It could also give hints on the multitude of things to do and places to see in the Philippines.

*The lines in the pattern which are going in different directions show that people here tend to disagree alot what with all their contradicting opinions and ideas targeted at about anything. Especially politics and governance. (Laughing out loud)

*Filipinos enjoy banigs. As well as the rest of their Asian neighbors. We personally love sleeping on it too.

*It does look like a yellow backpack, don’t it?

Ah well. Appreciate now, analyze later.


Hoping tons this will help the Philippines move up from 6th place of most visited country in Southeast Asia. Hoping even more tons that they finally stick to a slogan and stop the controversies here, there and everywhere.

The recent branding collected an abundance of mixed reactions as usual- why are we not surprised?

It’s become a hot trending topic on Twitter, and other social networking sites which is both a good and a (lame) bad thing. In the words of your dear sweet talent manager, “Any publicity is good publicity.”


“It’s simple and straight to the point. Perfect!”

“Meh. Amateur.”

“It’s more fun in the Philippines… hey. I’ve seen this before. Used to be about Switzerland.”

“For some reason, the slogan‘s hard to memorize. It doesn’t stick.”

“Honestly what this country’s all about. “

Aww, c’mon people. It is what it is.


So, what do you think? Does it reflect, market, and embody this delightful country?




Disclaimer: We definitely DO NOT own any of the images above nor do we intend to do so.


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