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How To Beat Post-Trip Blues



They’ve got many names for it. Post Travel Depression. Post Vacation Blues. Holiday Blues… I only have one: jedi mind f*ck!

Many of you reading this may have already fallen prey to the Post Vacation Blues yet didn’t know it. Have you ever returned from the ‘best trip ever’ only to unexpectedly succumb to loss of or increase in appetite (*singsongs* guilty with the latter), strong feelings of nostalgia, fatigue, dreaminess, restlessness, insomnia and in severe cases, actual depression?

It feels like a hangover on Monday morning from a night of hardcore keg stands and beer pong.

It took awhile for us to realize we’ve actually been bitten by that bug. Well, mainly because we’ve always had erratic eating behavior, restlessness and insomnia on regular days.

We travel because it leaves us refreshed and clearheaded, inspired and emblazoned with passion, happy and gay. Sometimes though, it leaves behind remnants that mess with your head. The funny thing about Post Vacation Blues is that studies found the ratio of a trip’s personal impact, length and coinciding depression to be close to 1:1.5. Meaning the longer and more enjoyable your trip, the longer it might take for the blues to skedaddle the crap out of your system. Note MIGHT.

I may not be a psychology major (close to it though) but I’ve had enough trips and enough bouts of Post Vacation Blues to say my two cents on this.

How do I prevent or even get rid of Post-Trip Blues?

*Get back those strong emotions you felt while you were out on your trip. Realize that it doesn’t end after you stepped down from that plane on your last day.

-Look at photos, videos and souvenirs. Anything that you brought back.

-Visit any local counterpart of the place you’ve been to. Try recreating a foreign dish you miss.

-Talk to family and friends about your experiences. Don’t expect empathy. Chances are, they wouldn’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

-Be a tourist/traveler in your own city. Feel amazement and wonder again.

*Ease yourself back to the old routine if that’s possible. (Unless you’re opting for a real career or lifestyle change.)

-Know that you have opened new doors within yourself after experiencing an entirely new culture and way of life so don’t expect everything to go back completely like it used to be.

*Be grateful.

-What were the things you were so thankful for when you were traveling? What are those you are thankful for now that you are back home?

*Relax and pamper yourself but don’t procrastinate.

-You know what they say about procrastination: The longer you put off doing something, the longer it takes to get off your arse. Just like work. Speaking of work, try going back in the middle of the week so the weekend’s just around the riverbend. *giggle*

*Meditate. Don’t medicate.

-I just wanted to say that in one sentence.

*Start planning for a trip again!

-One of the most fulfilling and pleasurable parts of any vacation is the preparation stage. It’s good not to rush things though. This is just for brain candy. No stress!

-Start saving up for your “Next Trip Fund”. A penny a day can go a long way.

*Keep connected to the world of travel.

-Value relationships with new found friends. Sit down and browse through the numerous travel magazines and articles you’ve procured along the way. Stay in touch with the vast world out there. Best of all, keep dreaming.

And with that, we wish you the best of luck! Stay sane, contented and in high spirits! Looking forward to your next adventure.


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