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SOUTHEAST ASIA: 3 Countries in 10 Days on a Shoestring (Intro)



Nothing could feel more peculiar than sitting in your room in the dark typing out words again as you are embraced by the dense profusion of familiarity.

One minute you’re scrambling for your passport on the immigration queue while someone prods you to hurry in a language you don’t understand, and the next you’re sipping a cup of coffee in the confines of your own world wishing it was milk tea from the streets of Bangkok.

The comfortable jeans called “Everything you used to know” don’t seem to fit anymore. That’s not surprising. Ambitious trips can definitely add some weight on your emotional, intellectual, spiritual… and not to mention physical love handles.

We’ve just returned from one of the craziest adventures and no words outside our head could ever calculate what we’ve been through to get from Point A to B in close to 2 weeks. I think trips made with the tightest budget known to mankind morph into sleeping Godzillas pretty easily so you’re almost always on the edge while you’re out there conquering the big wild world.

Since we’re what you’d call low on cash but big on dreams, we decided to humor the pockets and test the boundaries of our sanity.

To sum it all up in a short outline:

5 days in Bangkok, Thailand
2 days in Singapore
2 days in Malaysia
1 day in cross-country train and bus rides
Almost a week to, from and around Metro Manila and Pampanga(give or take)

All that for a measly budget of about 2,500 PHP for both of us per day. Airplane tickets and personal cash not included. It was very difficult to keep it real at most times- especially when shopping was involved.

Mantra: Save, save, save. Budget, budget, budget. Scrimp. Try being the thriftiest creature on the planet!

We’ll elaborate more on that in another post.

A new friend once said that it’s the Post Vacation Blues (also known to the more dramatic as Post-Travel Depression) that always got the best of him after a mind blowing trip. We laughed it off saying we’d be too busy when we get back to even begin entertaining those feelings. Yeah. Right. We thought wrong, Ron.

Sitting at that table in Lau Pa Sat with  mountains of the ‘last supper’ strewn this way and that, you couldn’t possibly have any hint of the grayness that will follow in the next couple of days.

As I write this, the birds are happily cheeping-and-tweeting right outside my window which is giving way to the sunniest day that spells perfection for the beach. It’s all good except that I’m tuned out with dreams of floating markets, temples, forests and elephants in the solace of air-conditioning and ambient music.

Post trip blues are the lamest shiznits. Time to get over it, really!

Getting over it in… 3… 2… 1… ½… ¼… 30,000,000… 29,999,999… 29,999,998…

Supposing the 2012 prophecy were real? I could give my own heads up to some truth behind it. Although it isn’t December yet, we’ve already seen the end of our world— the world we once knew. It’s quite stirring, really.


Read more about Post-Trip Blues HERE.

Stay stuck for brand new posts about this trip!


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