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SOUTHEAST ASIA: Notes On Traveling As A Couple



It’s a make-or-break experience. Our most recent Southeast Asian backpacking trip was a circus from start to finish. We can’t even begin to describe anything- anything at all.

“How’d your trip go?” is THE universal question but it’s become futile to ask us as we just glaze up… and are just plain flabbergasted.

Ever had that happen to you?

In 10 days, we’ve seen 3 completely contrasting countries with just the packs on our backs. It being the first real international trip for one of us it was like having all your clothes gnawed off by an angry mob of ravenous skinheads after you’re flung into their heavy duty moshpit. Intense.

What’s funkier? It being the first real international trip TOGETHER.

Obviously, that will subject whatever relationship you have with your travel companion to some serious wear and tear. There were times when we thought our bond was like a singeing piece of plastic. Like bubble wrap, you know? Pop, pop, pop— ‘til it’s all gone and we chew each other’s heads off.

Anyone who’s ever stepped out of their comfort zones and traveled somewhere unfamiliar with their “special one” can relate to this: You will never know the height, strength and possible length of your relationship unless you travel together.

Traveling brings out the best and worst in people. Especially those Do-It-Yourself ones which do not involved travel and tour agencies. It forces out one’s real attitude, value and character in numerous situations. That’s why Jake and I love traveling together.

So, how do you travel as a couple and not end up breaking up?

We’ve gathered some simple (and not too simple) lessons on the matter mostly from this recent trip in particular.


Fortunately, Jake and I emerged from that trip stronger and armed with newfound perspective. It’s amazing how that short span of time gave us all the trials we needed to establish a more meaningful, deep-rooted connection with each other.

The guide not only helps couples who are involved romantically, but also for friends and travel buddies. What’s more perfect than traveling with your “special one”? If they’re your bestest best friend in the whole wide world too.

Happy Valentines in January!


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