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The Ultimate Packing List


We have issues with packing light whenever we travel and to this day pray for a genius to come by and give us ‘The Ultimate Packing List’. Of course, that is as tangible as the cure for the common cold so here it is— *best boxing announcer voice* presenting WHERE THE-?’s ATTEMPT AT THE ULTIMATE PACKING LIST. Corny. Thanks to another episode of someone’s obsessive compulsions (guess who), we came up with a helpful list of travel essentials needed for about 2 weeks of living on a small backpack. 20-30L. Yep, we do mean threateningly small. The bags still took our breaths away (literally) in the end though despite all our prepping. We’re sneaking ‘The Ultimate Packing List‘ in here for future reference and also to give you something to check out in case you’ve got the same bag stuffing problems too or are just curious.

Click here to read and download ‘Where The-?’s Ultimate Packing List’!

The Ultimate Packing List‘ is revised to serve as a personal preference-friendly guideline. If you want to bring 10 bikinis, you should. Totally. Oh, and the list is for general backpacking on level ground and not for hiking or anything of that sort. Spreading some luggage love your way!


4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Packing List

      1. Awwww! That’s awesome! Who knows-you’ll go straight north or south and end up in a totally different province! *excited for you*

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