Canto Bogchi Joint, Baguio

BAGUIO Food Crawl: Canto’s Famous Ribs Got Us to Stop Bickering + Burnham Park’s Random Shawarma Stall was Lame

Philippines: LUZON

Baguio’s one of the best spots to go on a food crawl. In fact, I filled up our itinerary with only two things: restaurants and markets. That’s about it.

Canto Bogchi Joint was our first order of business upon arriving in the City of Pines.

Matinloc Island, El Nido, Palawan / Where The Travels

EL NIDO, PALAWAN: Tales from the Creepy and Beautiful Island of Matinloc

Philippines: LUZON


Did I say creepy? It’s a juxtaposition of sorts. Imagine a secret island with nothing but abandoned ruins. Elegant yet enigmatic with a religious shrine greeting you not far from shore. Tourist-filled afternoons are fine but what could be lurking about come nightfall?

Binondo / Where The Travels

MANILA: Philippines (Take 2) – Music Video

Philippines: LUZON

No, not really a music video… WE WISH!

A compilation of more random photos and cool footage from the Manila trip last September 9-19, 2011.


Read the story here: MANILA: Philippines (Take 2) just in case you missed it.

Or you’re just curious. Or you’re sneaking around at work.

In the meantime, turn up the volume and enjoy!

Smooches and brownies,

Jake & Belle

Deftones In Manila / Where The Travels

MANILA: Philippines + Deftones

Philippines: LUZON

February 12-14, 2011


Oookay so why all the talk about 90’s bands? This entry will shed a light on our Gen X fascination.

We’ve never really gone on a limb to watch a concert out of our little city here in the South but when it came to Deftones, stepping out of our comfort zone to purchase 4-figure tickets, extra expensive last minute plane fares and racking our brains for sustenance on a tight budget was all more than worth it.