Because It’s More Fun In The Philippines!


This is our own way of promoting the new campaign for Philippine tourism. You can make your own “It’s more fun in the Philippines” meme by the way. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 and it’s more fun. Well, in the Philippines of course. Hehehe

Click on the link if you want to know how.

This is a photo of Belle (my partner in crime) playing with the waves in Puerto Galera or the other way around perhaps. Hehehe

Please help promote Philippine Tourism.


New Philippines Tourism Logo Unveiled


Yep, you heard it on the news. After (give or take) 9 years of using the same promotional brand ‘WOW PHILIPPINES‘, the PhilippinesDepartment of Tourism has finally come up with the latest F.A.C.E. of our darling country. *Drumrolls and confetti*

Department of Tourism‘s International Campaign Slogan