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10 Annoying (But Hilarious) Habits of Travelers You Meet On the Road


Guilty, guilty, and… guilty!

Don’t hate the traveler, just laugh them off.

Warning: There may be too much –ings for your taste. The scenarios depicted are mere exaggerations to keep certain points in check. Unless they really did happen to you then wham, bam, thank you ma’am!

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10 Travel Lessons I Learned From My Father



Many of my fondest memories belong to being on the road with the first man I’ve ever loved. He was and continues to be most inspiring human being I am lucky to have ever shared a life with.

It is only apt that I celebrate Father’s Day and the first article I will write again ever since I left blogging with the travel lessons he has lovingly gifted me with for the short time we had as father and daughter.

Jake’s Top 5 Travel Accessories that Travelers Really Need


As a backpacker or a traveler, you have to pick a few travel accessories which will make your life a great deal easier and pleasant while on the road. Read our tips and advice on the top 5 Travel Accessories that backpackers or travelers really need!  These might save your life!