SOUTHEAST ASIA: Notes On Traveling As A Couple

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Notes On Traveling As A Couple
(The Make-or-Break Experience)

Our most recent Southeast Asian backpacking trip was a circus from start to finish. We can’t even begin to describe anything- anything at all. “How’d your trip go?” is THE universal question but it’s become futile to ask us as we just glaze up… and are just plain flabbergasted.

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SOUTHEAST ASIA: 3 Countries in 10 Days on a Shoestring (Intro)

SOUTHEAST ASIA: 3 Countries in 10 Days on a Shoestring

Introduction and Post-Trip Blues

Nothing could feel more peculiar than sitting in your room in the dark typing out words again as you are embraced by the dense profusion of familiarity.

One minute you’re scrambling for your passport on the immigration queue while someone prods you to hurry in a language you don’t understand, and the next you’re sipping a cup of coffee in the confines of your own world wishing it was milk tea from the streets of Bangkok.

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Because It’s More Fun In The Philippines!

This is our own way of promoting the new campaign for Philippine tourism. You can make your own “It’s more fun in the Philippines” meme by the way. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 and it’s more fun. Well, in the Philippines of course. Hehehe

Click on the link if you want to know how.

This is a photo of Belle (my partner in crime) playing with the waves in Puerto Galera or the other way around perhaps. Hehehe

Please help promote Philippine Tourism.

Jake’s Top 5 Travel Accessories that Travelers Really Need

As a backpacker or a traveler, you have to pick a few travel accessories which will make your life a great deal easier and pleasant while on the road. Read our tips and advice on the top 5 Travel Accessories that backpackers or travelers really need!  These might save your life!

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