12 Good Ones For Traveling Couples

So, how do you travel as a couple and not drive each other absolutely mental?
We’ve gathered some simple (and not so simple) lessons on the matter:

1. Draw on each other’s strengths to get the best out of the trip.

***This can help so much when you plan together. Who is the one good with budgeting? Who can do most of the research and actually enjoy it? Who is more rational? Who is the idealist?

***On the road, who can do the haggling and sweet talk? Does one of you have the street smarts? There must be one who also has the book smarts. Who has more advanced people skills? Who is more inclined with negotiating?

***Learn from one another. Your partner can be your best teacher.

2. Acknowledge each other’s personal weaknesses and never criticize. Never expect too much either.

3. Be patient. Understand and respect your partner.

***This is where compromise steps in. I’m not only referring to preferences, interests and the like but also about individual travel styles and stress-coping mechanisms. Your relationship shouldn’t have to suffer when you’re both going on separate directions temporarily.

4. Share the responsibilities and costs equally.

***Times have changed and gender roles are meshing at high speed. Guys, there is nothing cavalier about splitting the bill when things get tough. Girls, understand that your man shouldn’t have to take the entire burden on himself. You’re both resilient. Assert when things need to get done.

5. Spare some time for good old romance.

***Sounds like the cheese brigade. But not all trips are straight out of luxurious travel magazines: a sunset cruise somewhere in the Mediterranean, late afternoon cocktails on the pure shores of Tahiti, Italian serenades on gondolas… *eyeroll*. At this point, you should already have an idea what partner’s idea of a romance is. Take it from us— our best Valentine’s date was in the middle of a hot, sweaty, crowded metal concert and we knew it. We’re still giddy all over. (Unless you don’t mind treating me out to one of those 3 things I just mentioned, Jake.)

6. Try not to get too comfortable.

***Ever heard of embarrassing not-so-happy-endings because of couples becoming overly domestic? “He uses the loo while I’m in the shower!” “She just doesn’t care about how she looks anymore.” “She picks her nose in front of me.” “He gives off gas every 5 minutes or so and isn’t even shy about it.” Sure, it’s a good thing we’re comfortable enough to be complete and total human beings around our partners but there’s such a thing as too comfortable=unsexy. Keep a safe distance when you two haven’t bathed in a week on the road. (I’m kidding. Or am I?)

8. Split up. Just for awhile.

***Not break up, okay? We need time off from our partners once in a while just so we can enjoy our own company. It could be as short as an early morning stroll alone or an entire day of eating cake while he visits the countryside for a photo walk.

***Very valuable advice especially when you feel as if you’ve been getting frustrated with each other all too easily and can hardly avoid trivial bickering.

9. Don’t be afraid to talk about money.

***Even before the beginning of your trip, be open and honest to your partner about how you plan to divide the costs, what you can and cannot afford, and what kind of expenses need the utmost attention. As much as people don’t like to admit it, money problems tend to be a big aspect of resentment among couples.

10. Always keep humor alive.

***There will always be things that could spiral out of control during your holiday. But it’s these things that make the best stories to take back home. Smile and remember that if everything were peachy perfect, you’d better be worried.

11. Baby steps first.

***It makes a lot of sense to look at the length of time you’ve been together before you opt for short term or long term travel with your partner- including your destination of choice. If you’ve been a couple for about a month and decide to go on a month long excursion in the jungles of the Amazon because you’re “truly, madly, deeply” in love, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

12. Best tip so far: HAVE FUN, lovebirds.


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