• Jake & Belle are light-hearted & easygoing “kids” who are obsessed with seeing life in all 3 perspectives (up, down & upside-down) through their capacity to indulge in their love of travel & the arts.
  • They are very spontaneous to the point of being irresponsible, but handle f*ck-ups quite well with their natural ability to think out of the box when the moment calls for it.
  • They ask a lot of questions. And they love to laugh. There’s always a funny side to everything.
  • They sweat needles for the sake of seeing the world.


  • They never run out of money. Ever.
  • They are bored.


Jake is a creative director, freelancer & visionary. He plays a mean guitar, is practically married to his DSLR named “Von D”, has a knack for climbing on top of anything & jumping off cliffs. He insists on keeping his sickly 1970’s VW Beetle named “Megan” & even takes her out on spins up on the mountains in the middle of nowhere. And as you can see he likes naming his things.

Belle is a former radio jock, current voice-over artist & collector of hobbies. She has a broad spectrum of musical taste from metal to 50’s rockabilly, prefers a film camera & obsessed about cult movie classics. She has trouble staying in one place for an extended period of time but isn’t diagnosed with ADHD (maybe). She has a knack for one-liners, can be inappropriate, is quite clumsy & is a cat person.


The concept of Where The? came to life one sunny afternoon sometime in October 2010 after Jake & Belle decided to document their travelscapes to fight off their forgetfulness.

The name Where The? embodies curious amusement of where one could be headed next. You don’t know, they don’t know… and we surely don’t know either.

They keep this “online journal” for the wired world to take a bite of in hopes of spreading respect for travel, culture, diversity & the arts. Oh, and to keep you entertained and inspired.


18 thoughts on “WHO! ARE! WE?

  1. Hi there guys, nice to hear that you’re back. I’m glad that you managed to get things back on track. Hoping to see more entries. Thanks


    1. WOW! 27 Wild rapids sounds like a handful (or a mouthful of water). Hahahah We’ll let you know if and whenever we do plan to visit CDO. So far, we’re still flocked =))

  2. Hey you guys ROCK. Your style of writing is interesting and you make me feel like I hope I feel when I go there to visit. I hoped to hear more but your new site (account) is not there. Good Luck to you two!

  3. u got my attention guyz… good work… i’m happy to know there are people i can relate my interests with…. more power…. i super like this site….

    1. Same here, we’re really glad to know that there are people who has the same interests as we do.. Thanks so much for the support, stick around for more article to come..

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