HANOI, VIETNAM: Lost In Translation On the Very First Night

Noi Bai International Airport, Hanoi, Vietnam / Where The Travels
Hanoi’s Noi Bai International Airport

It was half past midnight when we arrived in Vietnam’s capital. Vibrant city of blinding lights, lush parks, French colonial buildings, and masses of fast-moving Vespas.

Little did we know that the start of our adventure would begin in a small, quiet alleyway that housed the quaint 70s-style apartment we would call home for the next couple of days.

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10 Annoying (But Hilarious) Habits of Travelers You Meet On the Road

Smells like anguish and douche spirit.

Guilty, guilty, and… guilty!

Don’t hate the traveler, just laugh them off.

Warning: There may be too much –ings for your taste. The scenarios depicted are mere exaggerations to keep certain points in check. Unless they really did happen to you then wham, bam, thank you ma’am!

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SURIGAO DEL SUR: Bleeding Mountains and Mining Towns


Road Trips on the Red Earth

Video Footage

On our first Caraga Region road trip, we began by boarding a hot bus to take us from Surigao City to Lanuza, Surigao del Sur. We had an idea of what kind of ride we were in for but our expectations were blown out the dusty window the further south we got.

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EL NIDO, PALAWAN: Tales from the Creepy and Beautiful Island of Matinloc


The Enigmatic Heart-Shaped Island

Did I say creepy? It’s a juxtaposition of sorts. Imagine a secret island with nothing but abandoned ruins. Elegant yet enigmatic with a religious shrine greeting you not far from shore. Tourist-filled afternoons are fine but what could be lurking about come nightfall?

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10 Travel Lessons I Learned From My Father


Travel Lessons from my Father /  Where The Travels

Many of my fondest memories belong to being on the road with the first man I’ve ever loved. He was and continues to be most inspiring human being I am lucky to have ever shared a life with.

It is only apt that I celebrate Father’s Day and the first article I will write again ever since I left blogging with the travel lessons he has lovingly gifted me with for the short time we had as father and daughter.

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The Ultimate Packing List


Backpacking Packing List / Where The-? Travels

So… What’s in your bag?

We have issues with packing light whenever we travel and to this day pray for a genius to come by and give us ‘The Ultimate Packing List’. Of course, that is as tangible as the cure for the common cold so here it is— *best boxing announcer voice* presenting WHERE THE-?’s ATTEMPT AT THE ULTIMATE PACKING LIST. Continue reading “The Ultimate Packing List”