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FOOD, Philippines: VISAYAS

November 20-21, 2011



A lot has been said about this province tucked gently at pretty much the bosom of the Philippine archipelago— from it being the birthplace of the famous Dinagyang Festival/Jose Mari Chan/Sen. Miriam Santiago/Graciano Lopez Jaena/Mang Inasal (boo-yah!), or it being a busy and modern city still breathing the richness of the old world, or it being the gateway to Western Visayas known for its abundant natural wonders.

But the girls and I had our quick detour there covered… with the intent of stuffing ourselves with the best of the best: FOOD.

Boracay / Where The Travels


Philippines: VISAYAS

November 17- 20, 2011



What do you get when you put 5 girls in an island well-known for its wild parties, pristine beaches and ultimate mainstream (bordering-on-exploited) perfection?

Read with caution: Entry bubbling with B’s and other sinful treats.

Bikers @ Cebu / Where The Travels

DALAGUETE-BADIAN MOUNTAIN HIGHWAY, Cebu: Innocent Roadtrip Turned Sour

Philippines: VISAYAS

This is probably not the best entry to talk about clear sunny skies, crashing waves, sand and palm trees or a blissfully peaceful day at the beach because en route we had stumbled into what one would call unchartered territory. No kidding. *Sweat beads all around*

What started out as an innocent joyride turned out to be the roadtrip from hell.

Sinulog @ Cebu City / Where The Travels

Sinulog 2011: Cebu City, Cebu

Philippines: VISAYAS

Much apologies for the backlogs, guys and dolls! We just got back from our extremely busy week— including the packing we’re doing for another trip.

As you may know, the Queen City of The South is a massive tourist magnet especially for the Sinulog festivities happening every 3rd week of January here in Cebu City. Pilgrims from all around the province and everywhere in the country (counting the world) flock to our humble island to pay homage and partake in the yearly merriment. If you haven’t had the chance to experience this — you just missed a huge chunk of your life… particularly if you are living in the Philippines.

Sinulog 2011, Pit Senyor! Where The booth?

Philippines: VISAYAS, RANDOM

All set and ready for SINULOG 2011? We’ll be having our little WHERE THE? booth at General Maxilom Ave. right across STC (St. Theresa’s College). You guys can swing by and maybe we can have a bit of chitchat. We’ll be there starting January 16, Sunday 6am until hmmm (who knows when) lol. All are welcome!

Here’s a guide map to our booth, I hope this works for you!